Car Head Brace for Kids
Car Head Brace for Kids
Car Head Brace for Kids
Car Head Brace for Kids
Car Head Brace for Kids
Car Head Brace for Kids

Car Head Brace for Kids

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  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE: Soft cushions on the inside as well as outside ensures maximum comfort for your child.
  • UPRIGHT POSITION: Keeps your child's head in a safe and upright position.
  • STAYS PERFECTLY IN PLACE: Doesn't come off during rides due to the plastic snap buckles and straps
  • SLEEP WITHOUT HURDLES: Lets your child rest during long rides by assuring safety.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent product for family road trips

These are perfect for long family road trips. I was worried that my toddler would have a hard time sleeping in her seat without hurting her neck. This is the perfect solution! It's easy to use and is adjustable. I would recommend using it either right before or after they fall asleep. My toddler didn't care for it at first. But it definitely kept her sleeping longer and more comfortably while in the car seat.


Very well made and arrived in 16 Days in SC Brasil. Very recommended


These head straps are great! They function exactly as described. Previous to these straps every time our daughter fell asleep in the car if you even do much as touched the brakes her head would fall to her chest. Most of the time her head dropping would wake her up enough to have her stir around and get her head up and comfy again, only to hit another red light and her head drop again. The head straps are soft and are wide enough to cover her forehead. The only tricky part is if you put it on when you first get the kids buckled and they squirm around the strap will slip up and off. I have NOT had the problem of it slipping down over her face/neck. So if my husband is driving it’s easy I wait till she’s asleep then place it over her forehead. If she’s with just me, well obviously I wait till she’s asleep then pull over somewhere to put it on. Yeah that’s kind of inconvenient but her sleeping with her head to her chest just makes me cringe.

Effective solution for road trips with kids

We love to travel, almost every long weekend we have road trips with long drive and kids are always fall asleep. When we stop and they wake up, they cry that their neck hurts. When I saw this head support I got it right away, but didn't expect too much. I was very impressed with the quality and effectiveness of this product! Comfortable, secured, good support, padded with nice soft fabric. It might be a bit big for little kids, but fits great for my six years old. My eleven years old asked me to buy one for her too 😁

Wash really well

We leave on an island, so every drive is quite long and my kids are fallimg a sleep almsot every drive and i used to feel so bad for them as they head had no support. This product is brilliant!!!!!!!! I can keep my eys on the road im not worried about how comfortable are they because they look peaceful and comfortable