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Ultrafine Fluorescent Nail Powder

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Customer Reviews

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We got there perfectly, and quickly, within just a few days. I have not tried the product yet but looks promising. II ordered because a friend told me about this product and this website and I think I will be very satisfied with it. Thank you.


The goods came in the said delivery period. Thank god it was delivered on time otherwise I would've been already on vacation.. Check on the nails and add What to say. I applied one layer to the undried color, dried in the lamp, brushed the excess brush and covered the top in two layers. If you hold the light bulb, the lights are very bright. The photos are made in the dark, with the flash turned on and without. In general, the powder really liked. I think I am going to order more


The whole thing came to my home. I'll check the lights later. Filling good Glowing really well with bright glow. If i look at just the product without applying it on nails, it looks so good! I think i can use this in some way for other purposes too than nails. For my art and for my creative side. I need to order more colors for that which i will do on this same website


!! I did not expect that so quickly and efficiently. So many options to choose from! So so many colors. I enjoyed the experience of shopping on this website. Thanks seller. And thanks for sending a good package.


large amount of pigment (in tiny amount of price!!!!), nice glow in the dark effect. Came in a dusty bag, I had to rinse the jar to avoid contamination with the powder outside :D The product is really worth the money because it is high value in low price. I ordered more colors because it is so good. thanks