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Adjustable Baby Shower Cap

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I got this for my soon-to-be-two year old after he randomly decided getting water on his head (and dripping into his eyes/ears) was the worst possible thing ever. Like, he REFUSED and threw screaming fits when it was time for a bath. But, baby needed to be clean. We tried everything. Singing, music, those soft front water pourers, to try and get him to be okay in the tub. Nothing worked. Until I found this. We ended up getting this one, and a (slightly cheaper) version of essentially the same thing. The other was made of soft foam and had snaps and my chaos-child has NO problem ripping it off and tossing it out of the tub whilst in the middle of a full meltdown. I was finally able to cram this product on his head, and he had slight trouble getting it off (because silicone doesn’t slide as easily as foam!) but it was enough to distract him. We poured water on his head, and he lost his mind. For a second. Then he realized it wasn’t getting in his ears or eyes. And the whole world was calm again...
Long story short, after my strong-willed child realized this funky hat was saving his face from getting wet, he calmed down and enjoyed the bath. Since using this ONCE, this baby who we’ve fought to get in the tub for months now, has been asking for “hat” and “bath”. I think this is a solid win.


I bought this shower cap for my nephew since he absolutely can not stand it when water gets in his eyes during bath time. Let me just say, I’m more than happy with how well made this cap is. Water flows away from his head exactly as intended. It’s very stretchy and soft and it fit him perfectly! No hair pulling, and now with no water in his face or ears we can focus on the task at hand


Works great for my 3 and a half year old. She's got a big head and it's adjustable to her size. She wears on the second to last snap and there are 4 snaps tighter than that. She's really afraid of getting water in her eyes and this solves that problem. She's fine taking showers with this on.


My 4yo is deathly scared of shampooing his hair. He hates water in his eyes and every shampoo Day was turning out to be a scream fest. And with this product, shampoo days are fun. I’d absolutely recommend it to anybody whose kids are scared of washing their hair.


These are amazing!! I have a two year old little girl and she hates to get her hair washed in the bath due to water getting on her face and near her eyes. I was skeptical at first but I tried it the night I got them and it works wonders. It makes washing her hair so much easier and less frustrating.