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2019 New Travel Shoes Bag

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I received the product within 11 days. The thing is good quality and looks cool too. The color corresponds to the picture. It has two departments plus a pocket. Attached to the handle of the suitcase. My husband is happy with my purchase too. He is thinking of buying one for his work trips. It is also possible to keep this inside a large luggage bag because of such a convenient size. Great product and fast shipping makes me recommend it.


Does exactly what you want and need it to do. Keeps shoes and their dirty bottoms separate from the rest of your luggage. As an added bonus the plastic sleeve the shoe bag comes in doubles as a really handy way to store an extra pair of shoes that may be super funky (like cleats). I was able to fit a pair of low-top dress shoes as well as a pair of TOMs in the shoe bag. I was also able to stuff in 5 or 6 pairs of socks to help fill out any extra space in the bag. The vent kept the shoes from getting too funky from being trapped in a bag. Zippers are sturdy and have nice pulls on them. Would recommend this bag to anyone looking for a shoe-bag.


I really like this. It seems to be made well, and I was able to fit more shoes inside than I'd anticipated. I wear a women's 7.5, and I was able to easily fit a pair of sneakers and a pair of flip flops inside the large compartment, as well as two pairs of sandals in the smaller one. I've already used this twice and will use it again this weekend.


I am a size women's 8 - 8.5. I'm also in the military and need to protect my dress shoes (black and white).

I've traveled for years and have grown tired of stuffing socks into my shoes to keep them from getting crushed (although which is what I intend to still do). I primarily sought this bag out to contain my shoes while wanting to keep the shoes from getting other items dirty.

In addition to this bag, I also purchased Earthwise cotton, draw string bags so I can polish my shoes and store them with out fear of them scratched, scuffed, or have other unintended items get polished.

I found that the primary compartment was big enough for my shoes. The opposing side indicates that it can also house another set of shoes which I put my running shoes for testing purposes. I chose to house my flip flops and shower shoes in this bag. For curiosity, I use the inside flap in the main compartment to test out the fit of my flip flop and it seems to hold up pretty good.


What a smart purchase! I'm very pleased with the quality, the practicality and aesthetic of this bag. I've used it 5 times now and very happy with this purchase! I strongly recommend this bag for travel. If you travel regularly for work, this is to go-to product for your shoes.