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Sea-Salt Skin Cleaner

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Based on 8 reviews

Worked for me so far. I bought this soap, after a friend recommended it 1 week ago. No disappointment! I have greasy skin but tend dry as I wash there. I was having a lot of scarring from acne that I was battling at the time. This Bar does not dry the skin and cleans perfectly. It is quite pleasant smelling too. The antiseptic properties of the soap seemed to quench the breakouts after a few days. While fresh and old scars started to fade. I rub the soap on a exfoliating pad and other it up when I use it. It smells great and doesn’t dry out my skin. Very close to what I wanted.


I’ve been using it for about a month now, and appreciate how nicely it lathers up and how well it cleans without stripping my skin of moisture. I had a couple of patches of eczema and some dry skin that were irritating me, but they have really improved since I started with this soap.


I have oily/combination, acne prone skin. I needed a face soap that was free of perfumes and toxins, and cleaned and hydrated my skin without causing dryness, irritations, or blemishes. So far, this soap is doing a great job! It lathers nicely, rinses cleanly with no residue and there has been no issues with my skin. It is also a wonderful makeup remover!


I use it as a facial cleanser. First, I use the oil-cleansing method. I use coconut oil to remove make-up. Then, I blot the oil off gently with a tissue. Then, I follow up by cleansing with the BUOCEANS soap. I love the soap. It's so creamy and gentle on my skin. It is difficult to find other soaps as effective as this one.


I had crazy eczema and itch and I used a dead sea soap a long time ago. Didn't want to use it again because the last time the previous soap didn't produce much bubbles or foam. This soap is great and high quality. I can say this as it almost has my eczema under control now.