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Therapeutic Posture Pillow

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Used it for about a week now. Super comfortable. Love memory foam because its super cool when you lay on them. Read some reviews that this is a low pillow which is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve gotten ones that are firm and higher which that didn’t work for me. This is a soft plush and low one if that is what you’re looking for.


This pillow made my husband stop snoring! He used to wake me up snoring so loud, but it’s been about a week and a half now, and he hasn’t snored that I’ve noticed since starting to use this pillow. I think it’s because the contouring tilts his head up better than a normal or regular memory foam pillow. It is pretty firm, but he likes a solid heavy pillow. I was happy that it didn’t come compressed in a tiny package like some memory foam pillows do, and it didn’t have that chemical smell that again, some memory foam products do. It seems to be good quality and well made, but I’ll update in the future if I notice any wear problems.


Holy crap! This pillow is absolutely amazing, and the presentation was beautiful. It came wrapped by itself along with a pillow case and a bag to put your pillow in!! I’m am blown away by this. I highly recommend this pillow to anyone!! I slept so great on it. It’s just so comfortable. I love my new pillow!


I frequently suffer from neck pain after i wake up, tried different types of pillows but they did not help that much, read about memory foam pillows and i gave this product a try, its been couple of weeks since i am using this product and really happy with it, feels really comfortable overall and also its gentle on your neck, recommend this one!


I have tried a number of memory foam pillows and never been happy with them, first i was as uncertain if this pillow would live up to my expectations After unpacking the pillow I gave it a a try and it was soft but also had enough resistance to support my neck and head. these pillows stay cool, firm and comfortable. and now I sleep well and have no stiff neck or shoulders on waking in the morning.