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Personal Pocket Bag

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Recommended Shoulder Sides:

  • Choose Right Shoulder if you wish to have the strap on your right shoulder and the bag on your left side. (Recommended for Right-handers)
  • Choose Left Shoulder if you wish to have the strap on your left shoulder and the bag on your right side. (Recommended for Left-handers)
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These cross bags are great for everyone these days. My kids were using backpacks but most have gone to these bags. I thought I would try one that looks a little more grown up for my husband and he loves it. He can put his keys, phone, wallet and even tablet in the bag. He hasnt left his phone in the car since using it and that used to happen at least twice a week. I think it works as intended


5 seconds out of the box, this babe felt like it was made for ME! 5'10" 300 lbs mostly upper body felt ( actually can barely feel it) GREAT! I threw it on, one pull it goes to the front, one pull to the back. Just the right size, it's thin. I don't even carry a wallet because I hate to carry stuff. This here is amazing. I bought a cheaper one with it, so far out of the box it was not as comfortable or large yet this the other one was baggy. I feel I can eat sleep, bathroom, drive, anything in this one, and it won't hinder a thing. Im really shocked I fell in love with this so quick. So much more easier, versatile to carry than a regular backpack. I would pay $100 for this if I had to. It just works. One of the few backpacks with a 5 star rating, and there is a reason for it!


It is small, but with all the pockets, it fit everything I needed it for. I am a righty, while you could wear it as a lefty, all of your pockets would be upside down. I bought this for a week vacation in Boston and Chicago. It kept my maps, phone, money, cards, and little souvenirs. It was easy to swing the bag around to my side in busy crowds, or to reach for something in the bag without taking it off. I am back for vacation and still carrying it daily. The material and color are beautiful and gender friendly. If you are looking for something comfortable, practical, inexpensive, versatile, to carry, this is your bag.


I used this while traveling Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and across the US. It is simple and carries just what I need including my passport. It hugs my body and keeps my personal items safe from thieves. Very slim so you must pack it lightly but that is exactly what I wanted. If you want to carry thick bulky items pick a different bag. I prefer less bulk. I love it! Good quality and I was able to wash it on delicate cycle just to freshen it up. I let it air dry. Great product!


Bought this to use traveling to Italy & France and OMG this was great! I did not need a purse or backpack on my back. This fit under my sweater or coat. This is perfect for traveling or just running around town. As a women, I was able to slip my phone in a pocket; small lip gloss, gum, cash & CC's and it all stayed close to my side. This is my new "go to" traveling companion from here on out!!!