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Streamer Magnetic Absorption Cable

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This is nice charger cord. I love that they have provided all three commonly used types of plugs. It is so great to have since I use a c type, my sister uses the old micro USB and my son uses an iPhone. I can accommodate all that need to charge up very easily. The magnetic tips make it east to switch out without having to get back to the plug. The little ones love to sit and watch while this is working as the blue colors seem to swirl around. Very nice quality and I would recommend to others.


I got this led charger for my son who loves light up anything. This charger is nice that it can be interchanged to use with different devices. He loves that it lights up and it is also a long cord so he can still use his tablet while it is charging. Great buy.


This cured my slow charging with every cord or outlet problem. I feel like it hits 100% really fast. I also really like that I don't have to constantly change cords. They look nice, they have decently strong magnets, and the cord isn't stiff at all. Very nice. Hopefully they are durable. I don't think it will be a problem because instead of bending too much it just comes undone because of the magnets.


Best thing ever invented! If you have young kids who are always messing up the charging ports this is the solution! You plug the piece in and never worry again. Young kids and easily charge their devices without any damage. Love this. It also lights up which makes it fun for them


Had this for a few weeks now, works as advertised. Comes with 3 different connecting "heads", i-phone type, "C" type, and the mini-usb type. Blue cord connects at 90 degree, the green cord goes straight in. Plus it looks like energy is surging through the cord when it's plugged in, which has a really cool look to it.