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2 spraying modes

Inbuilt soap mixer


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High Pressure Shower

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Works pretty good as a handheld. Best on a shower with doors and works well on a shower with curtains as well. I have installed it in a shower with a bath tub and curtain. Other than that it's also pretty easy to install. I use the stop flow, click to the middle, to lather soap or shave. The tilting mechanism clicks into the 3 modes very satisfyingly and is easy to use.


I have been using this shower head for a few days now, and so far I think it was a good value for the price. The design is interesting, both with the dual heads on opposite sides, and with the stick-on wall mount (as opposed to a mount directly on the wall pipe). This might make it especially good for overly tall or short people who would prefer to mount the head at a different height. For me at an average height, I just put it directly next to the pipe anyhow, but the installation was very simple, and the mount appears to still be holding well after a few days.

The build quality of the head itself feels premium--everything is made of a high quality ABS. There is no leakage from the head when it's in the "off" position. Overall, I think is well worth the price tag, and perfect if you need to put your head up at a different height than the pipe.


My husband has a physical disability and asked me to get a shower head like this to make it easier for him when he has to use a shower chair. I was worried that when we opened it up and saw it was so light and not a heavy stainless steel, we were sacrificing the quality. I was so wrong! It has fantastic water pressure and the mist feature is amazing. It saves money on our water bill. It was very easy to install and we are NOT handy people. My son likes that it is so light so he can hold it and spray himself off from the mud or to rinse off the dog. Overall we were very happy with this showerhead.


Best showerhead yet I have used-^^.
Yes, it's plastic head with chrome but it works better than any of showerheads I've used before. All I need is a good strong shower, but this one has sort of strong mist as well from opposite side by just flipping the head. And the center of it, I can add body gel to it and keep washing without stopping for more body gels. The center of other side works as small mirror, helping me to shave while I am in shower, at least that is my invented use. And I can turn it off by just flipping the showerhead to the center. Easy to use and works great, satisfied with buying this.


Here are some of the pros so far. I haven't found any cons yet:
+ Installation does not take long as they gave you all the needed tools.
+ Very lightweight -- some may not like it but I like it
+ The option to pause the water if needed -- that's cool.
+ Did I mention DOUBLE SIDE spray? One is strong, and one is smooth and soothing