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Grill Steam Cleaning Barbeque Brush

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I had one for probably 10 years or more but after leaving it outside every winter it finally cracked enough to drain out the water before the next use. This is one of those gizmos that I wasn't sure about when I bought it but quickly got on the short list of great buys. I've never found a grill brush that is as effective. The water comes out under the brush head so it doesn't immediately evaporate while you're scouring the grate. The gunk comes right off with little effort. Use it when your grill is near cooking temperature for best results. Of course this is my opinion but for the price, it's worth trying. Even if you don't agree, it is still a nice grill brush whether you use the water or not.


I can't even begin to remember how many grill brushes I go through in a grilling season. I think every year I buy at least two. I've tried most of them out there and the grill still never came out clean or nearly good enough. I had seen this advertised in a big box home improvement store and kicked myself for not buying it at the time. Naturally it wasn't there when I went back!

It's a pretty big brush and it works magnificently on the dirty grill I had. It's a little awkward to fill at first and does take some time getting adjusted to it. I feel that with my strength I may crack the thing but a little gentle pressure goes a long way. This thing got my old grill area clean in a few minutes. We haven't changed our surface area since we bought the grill in the 90's.

Unlike a brush that I will throw away at the end of the season, this just needs a replacement brush. Sounds too good to be true, but it is!


I've suffered from dirty racks on my gas grill for 15 years. Constant scrubbing with every type of wire brush never seemed to get them clean. This water enhanced brush worked miracles on my grill. I couldn't believe how clean the racks were after the very first use! My only complaint is that the wire bristles need to be longer to reach down through the grates to get off more grime. But otherwise, a fantastically useful product.


Every grill man needs this! I bought this for my husband years ago and it is still his favorite tool for the grill! He takes extra care of his grill and does not like to use chemicals on the grates to get this clean. With this grill brush, you simply add water and then scrape the grill after you are done cooking. The heat from the grill creates a steam with the water that touches it and the grime on the grill grates easily wash off. No chemicals are needed and the water works great to eliminate all the mess food leaves behind on the grill. For stuck on food, this is probably not the best option, but it does help a little. It's important to take care of your grill grates before they reach the point of no return and this will definitely do the trick!


I have iron grates on my BBQ grill that I have not been able to thoroughly clean like this before. It works way better than I had ever anticipated. The reason that I actually finally gave in and bought one was from watching the Crazy Russian Hacker Channel on YouTube. Totally worth every penny and my grates look great