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Giravo Easy Ironing Rack

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Customer Reviews

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It is very convenient when you only want to dry a few clothes together. It has one-button operation and is very simple to use. Just turn it on and come back in a few hours, it will have done its job. So you can do some other things when drying the clothes. Excellent product! Moreover, it can be hung at any place, and it light to carry while traveling (huge benefit) :)


I bought the one with the shoe attachment. This has been an amazing decision. I don't have to wait at all to dry my sole pair of shoes which I wear every day. I like to keep them clean by washing every few weeks and this lets me wear them the next day so perfect product for me.


A+ product. It's almost like a steamer, works perfectly as a drier but also as an iron! 2 in 1. The best part is that it dries shoes too! Always buy the one with the shoe attachment because it adds a functionality with very little cost.


Looks amazing and works even better. The quality of the product is unmatchable if you compare to other products in the market. I have tried several before I say that for this one.

SAVE yourself a lot of extra time!

Received the Giravo Dryer 2 weeks ago and i love it! Saves me a lot of time. I use it every single day to prepare my work or weekend clothes. If my shoes are wet from the rain, this drier comes to the rescue.