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USB Rechargeable AA Batteries

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Customer Reviews

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This product really impressed me, because I have never seen an AA battery that has an inbuilt USB to charge itself. This saves my charging space. Charging is quick and I am using it for my TV controller and mouse and it works just perfect. The battery in my mouse has been running for weeks without any drainage. I really like the integration of USB in regular batteries.


I was looking at several different rechargeable batteries for my husbands gaming controller to save money because so many batteries have been used and thrown away. I think my favorite part about this is that the light on the battery turns blue when it’s done charging. Not the basic green, but blue. 💙 They charge pretty quickly, and you can charge them in any of your regular USB ports.


I didn’t know rechargeable batteries could come in this form. It’s a great idea! I’ve had traditional rechargeable batteries, and the charger usually gets less powerful over time, so are some of the batteries. It’s a constant struggle to find good rechargeable batteries without paying top dollar for brand names. These usb chargeable batteries look much more reliable and they have been working great so far!


I have never thought of getting a rechargeable battery like this. The beauty about these kind of rechargeable batteries is that they recharge way faster then the ones you just stick in the recharger. It’s a bit more tedious and takes an extra 5 seconds per battery but it is surely well worth it with how much faster it recharges!


My household has a lot of things that use batteries, we are constantly buying packs of batteries to replace the old ones. Now we are will save money in changing out those batteries by simply putting these to charge. They do not take very long to charge and they will hold their charge for quite some time. Putting them to charge is easy just plugging in the micro USB to the port on the side.